Mario Sánchez Nevado

Mario Sánchez Nevado

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First Name * Mario
Last Name * Sánchez Nevado
Username * Mario-Nevado
Country * España
City Murcia
Nationality Spanish


Availability: Freelance


Hello! My name is Mario Sánchez Nevado and I am a freelance Art Director, Illustrator and Photographer. I was born in Premiá de Dalt (Barcelona) in 1985, and nowadays I have my residence in Murcia (Spain). To create is my passion and my way of life. I work mainly creating CD cover artworks for music bands, a thing that has been my passion since I can remember.

I try to develop a solid style using a wide range of medias, specially mixed ones, which goes from photomanipulations to paintings trough photography and more. My images try to convey an emotional impact on the viewers as they are related to everyday life issues, so that's why I create a bit from the subconscious, carrying domestic experiences to surreal, mostly dark worlds, sometimes with a grotesque approach and trying to portray ironic messages in between the lines.

My artworks have been featured in a wide range of exhibitions, from many tiny places in Murcia (Spain), where I live, to large art fairs such as the Parallax AF in London or the Ludwig Producers Fair in La Habana; and they have also been featured in press and TV worldwide and other publications such as The Artbook, Workbook, Exposé 9, Retrospective and many more.

*How did you get started as a digital artist?
I am a former traditional painter and also a web designer, so I had the creative impulse and also tiny bits of skills of Photoshop. After creating some wallpapers and banners for a website I was working with, and after some digital assingments in one subject in University, I started to experiment mixing photos. I felt so curious about mixed media so I started to experiment also with vectors, 3D and digital painting... and the magic begun.

*What is your education and work history and where do you work now?
I studied a degree on Fine Arts - which honestly had nothing to do with digital art. All subjects were related to academic art or to contemporary installations or performances, no subjects related to illustration or digital art, so basically I'm a self-taught individual on this field.
Nowadays I work as a freelance illustrator on my brand Aégis. I'm also the Art Director of the international art collective Hysterical Minds and I use some of my free time to write Photoshop tutorials.

*What influences your artistic style?
Although I'm an art lover, and while I bet that illustrators such as Mckean or Travis Smith should have done a very big influence on my work, as well as painters such as Magritte, or directors like David Lynch and some music bands (The Gathering or Anathema, for example), the big deal comes from my everyday life and nature. My images usually portray what happens to me, but the thing is to know how to make them with an own language.

*What’s the best thing about creating digital art?
It's obvious that you can save a lot of money from analog medias and you can keep your studio cleaner this way. Since I work mainly for CD album covers and packagings, it's easier for me to work using digital so I can update clients more easily and correct any errors or undesired parts. Also, it allows me to experiment a lot without losing any money in materials, starting lots of new artworks and getting rid of the ones that I think that have no future.

*What's the most rewarding aspect of being an artist?
If you know how to pull the strings and you're able to get a path in this very competitive artist world, the most rewarding thing is to live doing what you love. I think that one of the most important things in life is to have a lifestyle out of what you want and like to do, so you can be happy easily (even if working with some clients is frustrating - it's enjoyable most of the time!). I cannot imagine a life without doing what I want to do. It's a bit harder than chosing other paths - but if you know how to move inside this world of art, you can't imagine anything more rewarding than this.

*What do you look forward to in the next couple of years?
I'm always "planting seeds" so the only thing I really want is to keep getting work from this. I'd love to start my own artistic studio and to publish some editorial projects I have in mind. Right now I feel optimistic about that but as a freelancer you know that everything comes and goes, so as long as I'm patient and perseverant, everything should be fine!


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